Top 5 LinkedIn Profile Pictures to Avoid

Top 5 LinkedIn Profile Pictures to Avoid at All Costs

We’ve all seen the good and the bad when it comes to LinkedIn profile pictures. Even though LinkedIn is a form of social media, we need to remember it is also a professional platform. Our profiles are critical for our personal brand and can lead to career changing connections. Thank goodness we know what to avoid… or do we?

Here are the types of profile pictures to stay away from. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The Selfie

Selfies mark our fast-paced moments and characterize the times we live in; we see them more and more as days go by. They are in the moment, fast moving, and can even be entertaining. There are many sites that welcome selfies like Facebook or Instagram, but LinkedIn is not one of those places. “Your LinkedIn photo should represent the best you. The professional you,” says LinkedIn Trainer and Consultant, Colleen McKenna.

Inappropriate for Your Industry

If you are using LinkedIn as a networking site while looking for employment, take the time to think about what a potential employer would be looking for in a new hire. For example, it makes sense to have a creative or out-of-the box profile picture if you’re seeking a creative position, but not if you’re a lawyer. Present yourself accordingly.

Party Pic

Okay guys, this one should be a no-brainer. Employers are looking for someone who will be professional and get the job done. Using a picture of yourself holding last Friday’s margarita with a glazed look on your face obviously doesn’t convey professionalism.

Poorly Cropped

Yes, while you may look great in that picture, the cropped shoulder or half of a face of someone else doesn’t. The purpose of this profile picture is to highlight you, not to draw attention elsewhere. Make sure it is just you in your picture.

Default Picture

Another common mistake is not uploading any picture at all. Any viewer will most likely move along if there is no profile picture. Do your best to find an image to appropriately represent yourself.