Benefits of a Strong Logo

Brand recognition is one of the best things that can happen for your company. It occurs when customers can correctly identify a specific product or service just by viewing its logo, slogan, packaging, or advertising campaign. There are logos that are recognized around the world like McDonald’s, Nike, and Coca-Cola just to name a few. Recognition on that level takes time, but it always starts with a strong logo design.

What can a strong logo do for your business?

  • Increases credibility
  • Gives your company a well-rounded image
  • Establishes a sense of trustworthiness
  • Creates brand recognition

Let’s talk about how to build a strong logo.

The bones of a good logo

Maybe you have a logo that is outdated and needs revamping or you’re starting from scratch. Either way you need a good logo, but what makes it effective?

Simply put, your logo is the face of your business when you’re not there and people catch a glimpse of it when they’re driving by your storefront or skimming an ad. It’s a graphic that stands for your brand through colors, fonts, and images.

Key elements

When in doubt, keep it clean and simple

  • Make it meaningful and tie it into the core services or values of your company
  • Make sure people can easily describe what it looks like to others
  • Is it easily resizable for smaller and larger types of marketing (i.e. a billboard vs. online vs. a magazine)
  • Is the design memorable and eye-catching enough to stick in customers’ minds?

Remember, a logo is a tool. Use a great logo to build your company up and aid in recognition. A great logo will create a lasting impression and speak to customers about what your business is all about.